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Portable Transient Recorder 2xPCIe, 1xPCI
Order-No.: WTR-100-120                Series/Model: WTR-R120

Transient Recorder ultra rugged and portable, with 10 MS/s to 4 GS/s up 4 GS Memory

Main Product Features
Extremely robust portable transient recorder
Robust aluminium housing
17\" monitor with extremist high resolution (1920x1200)
1 x PCI-E (x16), 2 x PCI-E (x8 u. x4) 1 xPCI
Optional with touch screen deliverable
2 to 4 GByte RAM
Many Digitzers different digitizers from Gage can be combinated into the transitent recorder
Operable with the GageScope software.
SDK\'s (software Development Kit) for LabVIEW, MATLAB and C/C #
Windows XP Prof. or VISTA Ultimate in German or English

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For many applications the oscilloscopes on the market are not available in high numbers of channels, with high resolutions and is usually there is a lack of the possibility to write own programs.

With our robust portable transient recorders in combination with Gage Digitizers for example we are able to offer a 14 bit transient recorder with 48 channels and each channel with 125 MS/s and 256 MS Memory.

We arrange the transient recorders after your wishes and exactly coordinated for your application.

Oscilloscopes like: With the comfortable and simply operable oscilloscope software GageScope the transient recorder can be used like a very comfortable oscilloscope.
The GageSoftware is version availably as Lite, standard and professional.

Programming of own applications: With the extensive and well documented SDK’s (Software Development Kits) for LabVIEW, Matlab, C#, Delphi und Visual.net the users can write easily program for own applications.


• Wireless Communications
• Military & Aerospace
• Manufacturing Test
• Signal Intelligence
• Non-destructive Testing
• Synthetic instrumentation
• Electro-optic
• Radar/Lidar
• Laser Optics
• Embedded digitizer
• Scope replacement

Data sheet: http://www.gage-applied.com/products/mainframe/7500.htm

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